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We practice Family Law with an emphasis on the Family.

At first blush the world of Criminal Law and Family Law may seem at opposite ends of the legal spectrum. And for that sake of the children and sanctity of the family, we hope that the two systems never intersect. The good news is that in all but a few cases, the families that we work with have been fortunate enough to come to us long before the prospect of Criminal Court appears on the horizon. John R. Gaertner however, comes from the Criminal Law side and it is his experience in the practice of Criminal Law that has made him such an effective and compassionate Family Law attorney. It is his experience with the worst of situations that has forged his commitment to provide each and every one of his clients with the best experience and best results possible.

Our Practice

Whether you are trying to decide if legal action is necessary or your divorce is final and you need help with modification or enforcement proceedings, we will work with you throughout the entire process. We concentrate our practice on divorce and family law matters and can handle all matters related to divorce, annulment, separation or the termination of a domestic partnership, from child custody and visitation to child support, from alimony to the division of property, from paternity to domestic violence.

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